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You Won't Believe What Just Happened in Fortnite (Definitely Not Clickbait)

15 May 2018

Now, if you haven't been living under a figurative (or literal) rock for the past six months, you may have heard the word 'Fortnite' being used recently. and no, the kids aren't obsessed with a two-week time period - they're talking about a multiplayer videogame. Most parents out there will be asking the usual questions: "What is a fortnite?" "Where is a fortnite?" "When is a fortnite?" "How is a fortnite?" And the answer would be this: Fortnite, the new craze, is a popular multiplayer game in which you drop from a flying bus into an island with different locations and weapons scattered about. Recently, the game exploded in popularity and now everyone is talking about it.


But it's not the premise of the game that I'm going to talk about - it's the downsides of the game. 


The first downside of Fortnite is that it has created a flood of amazingly unimaginative Fortnite youtubers. I'll give you the rundown of a usual Fortnite video: First, we look at the thumbnail (the image for the video). The thumbnail will always include; at least 1 red arrow, a purple or gold weapon, a fortnite background, a "Victory Royale" banner, and someone's surprised face, looking like they just found out that chocolate milk doesn't come from brown cows. Now we move on to the video itself. It will start off with a tease, usually either someone about to get a win, or someone saying "You will not believe what just happened in Fortnite..." Afterwards, the tacky intro will play out, adding another 10 seconds onto a video you already don't want to watch. You are then forced to watch a mind numbing ten minutes of a sweaty loser either almost winning and screaming at the computer, or some "original content creator" looking for new things in the game. Either way, you're being tricked into thinking you are watching 100% original quality content, when you're actually watching some person, with no social life, playing a popular game, just to stretch their video to 10 minutes just so they can get ad revenue. No torture comes anywhere close to forcing yourself to watch a Fortnite video un-ironically.


Downside Number 2: It's all people talk about.

I just like to have normal, fun conversations with people, about subjects completely unrelated to gaming. However, no matter what the conversation topic is, the word Fortnite just needs to make a brief entry and then I have to put up with someone ranting on and on about Fortnite, going on about their wins and about how they got battle pass, etc. It's just annoying and holds no purpose


Downside Number 3: I'm not very good at it.

Fortnite, on the whole, is a great game but the problem for me is that I'm not great at it. I try to play as well as possible, but every time I get aced by some Fortnite pro gamer and it's not a fun experience. I also don't enjoy having to tell my friends that I have never won a game. You see, your personality is judged by the amount of wins you have; if you have 0-5 wins, you're bad but try really hard, if you have 5-50 wins, you're good and don't have to try as much, and 50 onwards is basically a Fortnite player who only stops to use the lavatory. 


So I've covered the main points of Fortnite's downsides and feel a bit better for it. So here's some (free) advice: Never watch Fortnite videos on youtube, try not to brag about all of your wins and skins, and, maybe once in a while, go outside and breathe some fresh air.











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