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The Reading Bunk: The Knife of Never Letting Go

23 Mar 2018


So my love for books is not really known on this blog, which is why I'm starting this new thing: The Reading Corner! I'll do a review whenever I read a good book, which is quite frequent. Hopefully I can give you some good suggestions on what to read!


Today's book (which you would know from reading the title but I'll repeat it) is Patrick Ness' The Knife of Never Letting Go. The book is set in the future, in a strange town called Prentisstown. Prentisstown is the last surviving town on the planet, and there are no women. It is made more strange by a phenomenon called the Noise, which means that everyone can hear each other's thoughts. There can be no lies. Or can there? Todd, the main protagonist, is the last boy, and a month before his birthday that will turn him into a man, he finds a patch of complete quiet. The town has been lying to him, and he's going to have to run...


Patrick Ness is a beautiful writer. He captures the reader in a way that most books don't. He is able to convey all kinds of feelings in the reader, and this makes the book near impossible to put down. Patrick Ness creates characters that are believable, from Aaron to Todd to Manchee. In every aspect, the book is a winner. 


This book is beautiful, centered around a journey laced with discovery, danger and lies. It leaves you on a really good cliffhanger at the end as well, and I'm poised on reading the second book in the series, The Ask and The Answer. 


Overall, I definitely reccomend Patrick Ness' The Knife of Never Letting Go to anyone looking for a new dystopian series. It's great.


Thanks for reading this! Be sure to: ....LiKe....CoMmEnT....SuBsCrIbE....



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