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Some Cool Ideas I Came Up With

9 Mar 2018


This post is going to be short because I’m writing on my phone and there is only so much time that I can stand this awful touch keyboard. 


Mainly that dislike comes from the fact that I try to type, say, ‘pear’ and it comes out as ‘prea’. However, that is not the subject of this post, as you will know, because you see that text there, above this smaller text and all of the words start with capitals? That’s called a title and you, wait for it, READ it. (no, I can’t believe it, reading?)


I’m gonna get to the point right now.


Idea (1): A tiny little outboard motor that you can attach to the back of your kayak. 

I feel like this would be useful in case of a storm, or you couldn’t  paddle anymore, you could whip out your little kayak motor and zip away.


Idea (2): A voodoo doll that had a hidden camera hidden behind a button eye that streams live video to my computer.

This way I could see if anything was going on in my room, and spy on people. (I actually made the voodoo doll but didn’t have the time to do the camera thing.)


Idea (3): A

Bag that connects to your phone and plays music with an in-built speaker in the front pocket. This had a little 4-way switch that I could use to change volume or the song. 

I built this and it was great. I was so cool, rocking up to the local school with my beats booming out of my bag. I was very popular. Very.


Idea (4): A pillow with some music buttons to change sound, play, pause, skip, etc. and a phone case. 

Made this.


Idea (5): An attachment that goes on a snowboard which is a mini ski-doo thing. 

It would have some clips to go on the back of the board, and would be able to take you up that really steep part. It could be easy to remove and carry.


Well that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this relatively short post, see you next time!


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