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5 Tips For A Writer In A Brain Fart

4 Mar 2018

If you write stuff, then you know the feeling of having nothing to write. Like, absolutely zilch. Your mind drained of all imaginative thought. 
To counter this brain-numbness, here are 5 tips to help writers in a brain-fart.


1: Read Current Events
Go flick through some news. Try to find an interestinng topic that you WANT to write about. 
You could turn a recent science discovery into a work of fiction. Play with ideas.


2: What Are You Good At?
What are your hobbies and your talents? Can you teach people about these? Use what YOU are good at to help others by teaching them.
For instance, if you were really good at cooking or coding, you could educate other people that want to learn. 
You could create a how-to or a top ten on your hobby.


3: What's In Your Head?
Just write down whatever comes to mind, then edit and tweak until you have something interesting. 
Then build on that idea, and make it a short story, or a blog post.


4: Look At Your Surroundings
Look around. You could easily find inspiration from the landscape around you, or what's new in your hometown.
If you go traveling, write about your travels.



5: Review Something
Find a game or movie or a book that catches your fancy (or one that you hate) and review it.
What's good? What's not? make it interesting and fun.


So there you have it; 5 reasons to write something. What are you waiting for?
Write something!


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