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Ninja Tobu: A Bunk Bed Game Review

27 Jan 2018


Hello and welcome to a review. Not just any review, a game review. Not just any game either, for today I will be looking at an amazing game called Ninja Tobu. The kiwi-developed game has copped over 2 million downloads and in my eyes is one of the best games on the app store/google play store. So let's dive into this game review, and hopefully learn something in the process!


What is Ninja Tobu?

Ninja Tobu is a game in which you, a ninja, climb up a randomly-generated level where you can slice up other bad ninjas while also dodging spikes and spinning saws of doom.  

You can play two different modes: The endless mode where you climb a new course every time you play, or the level mode where there are 75 levels, starting easy and becoming insanely difficult.

There are two types of bad ninja-people: A big, buff ninja that can send you flying, and a slim, sniper ninja that has uncanny aim.

In the endless play mode, you can earn a few coins and purchase 'chests' with equipment and new ninjas in it. In one of these chests, you can get an effect that follows you around, a selection of different capes, and a page with different ninjas, all with unique abilities, like jumping higher or being stronger. All of these items range in rarity and to get chests (which contain random gear) faster, you can watch an ad or two. 


A quick history

The game started off as a project to teach new programmers at the company CerebralFix unity. Their plan was to develop a game over the space of 2 weeks and release it. The first version of the game was a 3D prototype called 'Fat Ninja'. The idea was played with and then thrown away. Soon after the first playable version of Ninja Tobu was tested and edited. The game took about a week to polish off and the whole team loved it.  The game was then uploaded to the Google Play store, where it didn't start becoming popular until a month or so after it was uploaded. The game really started to gain traction so the team made some tweaks and put Ninja Tobu on the App Store. Afterwards the team added updates when they were free and the game collected over 2 million downloads on different platforms.

                                                 Left: Fat Ninja, the original concept for the game. Right: The first playable version of Ninja Tobu.


Why I like the game

I love the casual play style of Ninja Tobu, and the slo-mo double jump you have. The game just feels good, from the beautiful artwork to the dangerous enemies and slicey-saws that you have to avoid, It plays really well and is a game that you can keep coming back to. Let's talk more on the artwork. I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the amazing art style in this game. It makes the whole experience that bit better and really immerses you in the game, and want to keep playing.


Other notes

A few disagreements I have with the game are: You have to swipe away an inn-app purchase when you boot up the game (however it is only one), and updates aren't that frequent (although this is because the team are working on other projects).

So overall, this game is a massive hit. From the artwork to the gameplay, Ninja Tobu shows you how good a mobile game can get. I give Ninja Tobu a 9.5/10.


Thanks CerebralFix for all of the images, info and the video.

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