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The Art Of Conversation

21 Jan 2018

When was the the last time you engaged with someone in a conversation? Yesterday? Last week? Last year? 2006?


(If your answer was the last one then you must be trapped on a desert island with wifi and a computer and but somehow you can't talk to anybody because your email contacts were accidentally removed when you dropped a coconut on the keyboard and you are getting by from FedEx packages washing up on shore and you have a virtual computer-pet to keep you sane. I am very sorry and hope that you have a mountain to burn a bonfire on or some means of a raft fashioned by bamboo shoots or something. Stay safe!)


Joking aside, conversation is very important for us as humans because when we converse we can express thoughts and opinions and share ideas, as well as learn new things. Over the past few years I have studied conversation and I am about to share my findings with you. Just remember - you heard it first from Bunk Bed Blog Boy, world renowned  conversationalismist. (By the way, that's not a word BUT GUESS WHAT IT IS NOW) 


Example 1: Parent Conversation

In the room we have 4 people actively conversing. These people are two pairs of parents (both male/female). The conversation will start with one parent bringing something up, and a lengthy debate will be held on that matter, about five minutes in length. Then, suddenly another topic will spontaneously pop out of thin air and then things get complicated. There are now two separate conversations happening at once. Usually when a topic stops the group will then focus on one topic, the most interesting usually. Then, again another conversation will sprout, starting with a "You know..." or "Do you remember..." and then there are two separate groups. this process is repeated until a child breaks the cycle with an "I'm hungry" or "Look at this!". This will be very loud and all heads will snap toward the child. Then, once the chidler (child) is sent off, there will be the infamous silence and then a "Well." to break the silence. Then someone will wrap up the conversation and everyone will go their separate ways.


 Example 2: New Guest Conversation

When a guest, an old friend arrives in the house, conversation explodes within the first minutes of his/her entry. It starts with a barrage of small kiddie-conversations filled with questions and jokes. Then the parents manage to draw the kids away and have a (mature) talk with the guest, with lots of "You know, once I..." followed by laughing or "How's everything going at your place?". This sort of conversation WILL NOT STOP until the guest either goes to bed or leaves the house.


Example 3: Awkward Conversation

This will likely be between two people (adolescents) who don't know each other but have been paired together for a sports rotation or a group lesson. Someone will start off with a "Hi" or "So, um, whats your name?". Then someone will answer with their name, after a lengthy pause. It is very likely that someone will actually say "Well this is awkward." This will continue for about five minutes until both find that they have something in common.


Well thanks for reading my post! Hopefully it was enjoyable in some way.







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