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New Zealand: Best News Stories Of 2017

31 Dec 2017

Ah! What a year 2017 has been! I had hoped to publish this EXACTLY as the new year started, but I didn't. Oh well, it's been a wonderful year with lots of surprises, like my blog popping up, with my first article on June 2nd, and here I am now with a few more than that. But onto the blog. 


Looking back, it's been a funny year, and we all know that NZ (of course) is a funny, funny place. So to celebrate the new year, we have the best NZ news stories of 2017.


Police rush to trapped man in Queenstown ravine only to find it is a goat

The fire department and police rushed to a ravine near Queenstown where they heard a man shouting for help. However, when they reached the man, it turned out that it was a goat, kidding around.


Armed shark robs gas station

In Febuary, an armed man in a shark onesie with an accomplice robbed a Canterbury gas station, escaping with an "Unknown amount of confectionery."


Christchurch bird enthusiast adds over 100 votes to a bird poll

In a recent Bird-of-The-Year competition , a bird-lover created over 100 different email accounts so she could even the odds for her favourite bird. The 112 votes were removed from the White-Faced Heron when a data organizer noticed a big growth in the votes very suddenly. But even if the votes counted, the Kea won with around 7000 votes



Once again, thank you for a great year!


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------Happy New Year------


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