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Why Star Wars' Porg Is So Cute: THE SCIENCE!!!

30 Dec 2017

So a couple days ago, I was finally able to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi and WOW is it good. The entire movie was a great follow-up to The Force Awakens and completely left me hanging, which means two years of waiting and the next movie is MINE, ALL MINE (evil laugh) MUAHAHAHAHA!!! But, the ONE THING that completely MADE the movie for me were the Porgs. Yeah, These things. 

 Okay, LOOK AT THAT. Take a good inner look of yourself and try to say; "I don't think it's cute." Yeah, no-one can say that. Impossible. AAAAANYWAY, back to the actual article. So what makes these cute critters so, well, cute?


Well, to start off, Porgs are based off of Puffins, which were actually on the scene where some of the movie was filmed. Also, they had the big, round eyes of a baby seal and the flat face of a Pug. But what makes us love them is something called 'kindchenschema' which in German translates to 'child-form'. This means that humans find things 'cute' because they remind us of young children. With features like a large head in comparison to its body, large, chubby cheeks and round eyes, the Porg definitely shows the features of a small baby.


The reason you want to hold and cuddle, or even EAT a Porg is also because of kindchenschema, is because it triggers a thingy which makes us want to nurture and hold the animal, you know, since it resembles a baby. Kindchenschema works with animals or babies that look like they need parental care and your head goes; "Hey, look at that cute Porg! I want to cuddle it and nurture it until I die, awwwwwwwww." This trait is hard-wired into our brains and is why you will always, ALWAYS want to cuddle a Porg. Even the toughest, most unimpressed boring teenager will crumble in front of a Porg. 


And THAT is why there are about a MILLION Porg products already, from a Pop bobble head to a plush backpack thingy, a 'Porg On Board' car sticker that comes with a Porg that sticks to the window, looking startled.


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I'll see them in the next movie, ready to crush the new generation of Star Wars fans.

One final word: The Porg is Star Wars' ULTIMATE weapon...


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