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The Joys Of Programming

24 Nov 2017

Don't you just love it when everything, absolutely EVERYTHING is completely fine yet, when you load the program, it just goes: Nope. Sorry mate, but I actually couldn't care less about what you have just put DAYS of programming into. You see, I hate you and won't let it work. Fun right? That's every day I try to achieve something with my Arduino, or Raspberry Pi. Happy days.


So, as you've probably guessed, This is a rant post, in which I'll be talking about, yes, you guessed it, programming. So brace yourself and prepare for a fun time as I explain to you just how 'fun' it is to program something and have it not work.


Now Arduino, you're awesome on paper, but my god are you annoying in reality. Maybe it's just me, but I have owned two computers and neither of them has been able to, get this, RUN A PROGRAM THAT MAKES THE LIGHT ON THE BOARD BLINK. That is all that I wanted, but noo, you can't do that because this or that. This is basically what the Arduino says to me:



BunkBedBlogBoy Presence known;






I have literally searched every, EVERY single way to fix the problem and the most annoying thing is that it SHOULD WORK!! The stuff I read said that there would be absolutely no problem on windows 10 (my operation system). I found a different cable. Still: Error();

And that's just Arduino.


Raspberry Pi:

It draws you in, working and everything is fine. I had all of the parts for a robot I wanted to control, and I worked for days on end to get it to move. What I had to do was remotely control the Pi from my laptop, but that didn't work, even though I followed EVERY SINGLE STEP in the blog about how to do it. That didn't work either. 


The thing that annoys me the mos it that I have a BOX of robotics stuff that I can't use because my computer, or some other problem gets in the way.


So yeah. That's my rant. Hopefully I should get some of the stuff working soon.

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