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How To Survive The Apocalypse Part 1: Equipment

2 Nov 2017

Hello readers! Today I am going to empower you with the knowledge to slash, bludgeon and just kill zombies, as well as survive/outlive the apocalypse that has overrun the earth. I'm Bear Gr- Wait, hang on- BunkBedBlogBoy, Undead Survival Expert, so sit back and relax as I teach you how to survive the apocalypse!


It is vital to be stocked up with the right supplies and equipment when you are stuck in the middle of an apocalypse, as you must eat, drink, keep yourself healthy, explore and kill zombies. You'll need a balance of weapons as well as tools. Also, you will want your equipment to be a light as possible and easy to carry around, but at the same time the weapons need to be lethal and the tools need to be as trustworthy and useful as possible. And (which I almost forgot to mention) to keep warm and safe, you'll want some clothing.


Now, onto the first part of the equipment section: Tools. The equipment is in order of importance. Yes, that's right weapons aren't the most important. If you can, you want to avoid the undead unless you are in a situation where you absolutely HAVE TO bludgeon them to death.


Now, tools:




  • The first tool you'll need is a tent. When away from your survival bunker, a tent is a warm refuge that makes it easy to travel around. The tent needs to be light, easy to set up and pack up (if you need to leave at a moment's notice) keep you warm and dry through the harshest weather and should be ASAP (As Small As Possible, just enough to fit you and your supplies). If possible, you'll also want to ventilate the air passages in the tent, or wear a respiration mask (more on this later).


    Sleeping Bag

    • So you've got a tent. (Yay!) As warm as it might be in this tent of yours, a sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of kit. This sleeping bag HAS to be very, very warm and able to withstand temperatures far below zero so as to keep yourself snug as a bug in a rug (which is quite snug, if you know what i'm poking at). Also, keep this sleeping bag as light as possible, with a little bag with a string pull if possible, as you will be able to then hook it onto the side of your pack (more on packs later) so you don't waste precious space.



    • To survive and survive in style, you'll want some gadgets to guide you along the way. If you come across any solar panels, it could be useful to attach some light ones onto your tent and hook it up into a charging port for a watch or phone, or for a heater. If you find an ice pick (lucky you) then keep that. not only is it a weapon, but also an awesome climbing tool (and remember the golden rule: One is cool, but two, oh yeah, two is BEAST). and maybe some rope for climbing too. You could do with a torch too, in case you go night wandering. Other things, like a compass will be useful.


    Water Filter

    • One of the most, MOST important things in a situ(ation) like this is water, and I can't express it enough. This tool is a must-have, unlike those gadgets mentioned before. Again, you MUST have one of these if you don't have a LEGIT water filter. (Now would be a great time to recite the 3333 survival rule: You can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food (providing that you have shelter and water in those weeks).) What's that? You don't have a water filter. Hey, you! Yes you! I see you reaching for the tap, somehow still in the trance that water out of these reservoirs is fresh, A-Okay. Snap out of it bucko! You drink that, you die buddy! The other option; Create a water filter so all of those muddy bacterial monsters are killed. Link to make one here: Yes, here!  Or, just boil your water, if you have a fire. 


    • Just as essential as water is clothing in the apocalypse. Very warm yet very light is the target market here, as well as some protective layers. A lightweight jacket, with a couple of layers of merino and some strong pants with warm leggings underneath. Protective stuff: A hunting vest or something that blends in with the environment is good, and a bullet-proof vest even better. If you come across a gas mask or respirator, put it on as there will diseases in the air, as well as the undead.

    Finally: A Backpack

    • You'll need something to carry all of this stuff around in, so a backpack is very important for surviving. Look for a big one, with lots of storage and, again, is as light as possible (you'll hear me emphasize light equipment quite a lot today).

    So that's all for tools, now onto the exciting part: Weapons.


    Something Sharp

    • There are a few types of weapons too kill zombies with, but for a silent kill (or close to it), you'll want something sharp. Very sharp. Be it a short knife or a long samurai sword, use this for penetrating the weak points of the undead as if it were paper, hopefully causing a quick, quiet death. Be sure to kill them in the first stab, as the blade tends to get stuck inside the rotting body, which if not fatal to the zombies, will lead to an untimely and rather embarrassing end.

    Something Blunt

    • Over on the other side of the spectrum, blunt weapons are AWESOMELY devastating and really mash stuff up. A big sledgehammer will absolutely WRECK any zombie that is foolish enough to come your way, and there's that satisfying crunch that only a big blunt piece of metal will make, when swung at the face of a zombie (or anything for that matter).

    Something Gun-like

    • And finally; a gun. One that will put a nice little hole in any zombie of your choosing. With guns, try to have a powerful handgun if you're close and personal with your slaughtering, or a very powerful snipery-thingy if you want to pick 'em off from a safe distance. However, TAKE NOTE: Have your weapons SILENCED. Every zombie-nerd knows that if you make big noise, you'll draw in zombies as they are attracted to sound, so make sure your gun of choice makes as little noise as possible.

    So that's it; part one of my zombie survival series done. Now you know all the things to take with you when the apocalypse hits. See you next time, Bear Gr-no, BunkBedBlogBoy out!


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