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The Pizza Drone: Our Savior

25 Aug 2017

The Future is now people! We have Wifi, Advanced AI, electric cars, robots, poverty, nuclear missiles (slowly gets quieter and more depressing), pollution, slaughtering of animals AAAAAAAAAaaaannnd: Drones that deliver you a steaming hot, fresh-out-the-kitchen pizza. Yum. And awesome.


So in 2016, Domino's pizza launched a drone to deliver a piping-hot pizza to a rural location in NZ. the drone flew to the location, hovered, and slowly lowered down 2 pizzas. It was pretty cool. Sadly, this was more of a publicity stunt than an actual thing. :(. But (and, yes, there is always a but), There is an autonomous delivery unit that can do this. On wheels.


The robot is called DRU (which stands for Domino's Robotic Unit, Duh) Is a pizza delivery robot that navigates streets and finds the fastest, most efficient route to the place that it delivers to. DRU has four wheels and a big "head" to store pizzas. It even has separate compartments to keep pizzas hot and drinks cold. DRU travels safely to its location at a safe speed, driving on the footpath. DRU has onboard sensors that detect obstacles and avoid them. DRU should be on the streets within a few years. But I have some doubts. How will DRU navigate potholes, or climb hills? Can it flip itself over if it tips? And will it be able to defend itself from hijackers who want to steal it? So who knows what'll happen?


So: Drones and autonomous vehicles. But can the do more than deliver pizza? Yes. They can scan areas for potential enemies, deliver small items, drop bombs on people, shoot movies and more. So yeah.


That was a reallllly short post. Bye.




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