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Movie Review: Spider Man Homecoming

17 Jul 2017


As soon I saw the trailer for this movie, I was like: "Yep, I'm going to see that." This was just what I needed, another Spider Man, with a new story and a new actor playing our web-slinging, gravity defying human-arachnid hybrid. So you people at home are probably groaning, thinking "Another Spider Man spin-off with no originality. Great." And I know, I'm still burned after finding out that The Amazing Spider Man 3 wasn't going to happen :-( , but hey, you can only hope that the movie that they're making instead of it exceeds your standards. So I know that we've probably seen enough of good old spidey, but this movie had a new take on spider man.


The first aspect is that Tom Holland, our spidey actor, is a lot younger than our previous Spider Man actors and on screen he has a lot of energy. Another thing Is that Marvel (finally) skipped the whole part about how Peter Parker became Spider Man, and started off where Captain America: Civil War left off. For those who don't understand, in Civil War, Tony Stark uses Spider Man to help him? Or something like that, I don't really know, as I haven't watched the Captain America: Civil War. This movie is about Peter Parker and how things go after the events of that movie. He struggles to hide his secret from virtually everyone around him, while trying to bust a criminal gang utilizing alien technology for high tech weapons run by a guy in a flying eagle suit, to show Tony Stark that he is worthy to be in the avengers. The movie is awesome. Spider Man has some wicked functions in his suit, including a parachute, the infamous "Instant kill" mode and a jarvis-like assistant, thanks to Tony Stark's Iron Man technology. Oh, and a wingsuit.

I rate this movie 9/10 (for cool tech and a new take on spidey).


So, I hope I have convinced you that this is a movie worth seeing, because believe me, it is. Thanks for reading!

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