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Game Review: Horizon: Zero Dawn

6 Jul 2017

 When I got this game, I was like: "Yay. Just another expensive game that came for free with my PS4. Great." However I was not expecting the amazing graphics, huuuuuge world size and the ultimate interactivity that came in this game. Being honest, I haven't  been playing that often at the moment, but from what I've played, it's pretty awesome. You play as this person called Aloy, who is a girl (my funny little brother thought that this was bad) and, to sum it up, you're on Earth still, but it's, like, reaaaaalllly far in the future and these mechanical creatures sort have taken over the place. Humans are in primitive tribes (you know, the "Ug Ug, Man eat rock" kind of thing) after what I'm guessing a war has crippled the human race. The person you play as has bows, but as well as primitive stuff, there is also tech that you can forage from these animal things to improve your weapons. This game has loads of side missions that you can do to earn stuff along the way on your main quest which is fun.


Now, I'm not saying that this game sucks because of it, But I'm stuck on this level that's really hard. Don't you hate it when you try for literally hours but nothing works? Yeah, I don't know what I'm going to do about that.


Anyway, the point is that this game is totally worth the price (my personal opinion, yours could be different) and I'm looking forward to seeing what else it has to offer. Thanks Guerilla, see you guys later and be sure to comment, like and subscribe to the mailing list. Bye!


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