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Aaaah! Get Those Peas Away From Me!

6 Jul 2017

So tonight I sit down for dinner and find myself in front of a plate of shepherd's pie (with real meat in it!) but, as my eyes peruse to the side of the plate, I see something. Something horrifying. Something green. Something beyond comprehension. PEAS! (Cue the 1950's horror movie track). I tense up, knowing the end is near. I force my eyes away and focus on the pie, eating slowly and carefully, trying to hide the peas. Alas, the pie was too good. It was gone in mere minutes. The peas seemed to echo in unison "Eat me! Eat me!" Like something off of a messed up Peppa Pig episode or something.  I know this is where I have to be careful. One bite of these things and that's that. Game over. My gravestone would say:


 In memory of Bunk Bed Blog Boy, Born: at some point Died: at some point too. Poisoned by a pea, accidentally crushed between his teeth. We will remember him.


And that's how tonight went. In the end, I had to swallow them whole. Yeah. Not great.


So I did some web surfing, and it turns out that there is actually a phobia of peas? There was this TV show, and a woman had an actual phobia of peas. She said: 


"They tend to just look at me – ganging up on me. All the hairs on the back of my neck go up. I have to know where they are in the supermarket before I go in. It's just controlling my life now. I would like to be a dinner lady at my daughter's school, but I'm not even able to be in the same room as someone eating them."


Other strange phobias include: A fear of barns and kneecaps. Amazing

Well, that's just a short post. Thanks for reading!

(Thanks to this website for the info.)


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