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The Ping Behind Pong: Part 2

24 Jun 2017


Hey! This is part two of my series about video games and how they came to power. Today: The games that people love and the games we could see in the future.


Firstly, I'd just like to give you an intro on what Pong actually is. Pong is a game developed in the early times of gaming (as explained in part 1) and is a 1-2 player game in which you control a pong paddle and make sure that the ball doesn't go past it. The animated video on the part one is Pong gameplay.


These days there are three main consoles that we do (*ahem*) "sick gaming" on: The PS4 (the best one), the Xbox 1 S (the bad, expensive one) and the PC. As announced in E3 2017, Xbox will be releasing the Xbox 1 X (why can't they just make their products in numeric order? I mean, honestly, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, Xbox 1 S, Xbox 1 X, what next? The Xbox 1 X S +?)  These three platforms are sort of equally balanced in the number of purchases, but it seems that PC's are getting more and more popular but are hideously expensive. To get a good gaming PC today, you need a good $1700 to splash around, compared to the PS4's $500-ish. To put that into perspective: the graphics card alone costs more/the same as the PS4. Yeah. In the PC's defense, they provide amazing quality graphics and you can search google on them. So that equals it up. 


So that's the console side of things. Now: the games.

Popular games today I think I can sort into three divisions: The in-app purchases games that draw you in and slowly make a profit out of you, the full-up honest games in which you buy the game and that's it, and the games that give you a "free trial" and then make you pay truckloads just to keep going. I go for the honest games, like Assassin's Creed or Star Wars Battlefront (that is, unless you want online on a PS4 or Xbox.). However, I beleive that in the future, games will be of the first archetype: To draw in customers, selling the game for free, and then offering tiny, 5 cent transactions to get a few more coins. One of the most successful games on the planet, Pokemon Go, made money by doing this. So that is my theory. hope you enjoyed this two-part series and I'll see you next time! 


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Also: I think that I should keep the whole video game thing going, to keep those hardcore gamers coming, so I'll do a monthly video game post. See you then!



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