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The Ping Behind Pong

19 Jun 2017

With video games topping the movie and music industries already, what have they done so right to make the world into a gamer's planet? Today I'll cover two things: the history of the games industry and the games and consoles that do so well today. Without further ado my reader, let's look into the world of gaming.


Today, video games are played in every country on the planet (yep, I bet some bored scientist in Antarctica is playing Clash Royale or Minecraft as I speak) and are hugely popular, I'm talking like  in the league of Elvis Presley popular, Bill Gates popular or Donald Trump popular (but in a good way.). Video games surround us. They are on our iPhones, iPads, Ipods, Nokias, Vodafone Smart First 6s (yep, real phone, around $25), Macbooks, Dell laptops, Samsung laptops, Gaming laptops, Gaming PCs, Xboxes (yuuuuck), PS4s (much bettah), Wiis, Gameboys, yeah, I could go on for hours but I'll stop there. So everyone likes or despises them (*Ahem* parents *cough cough*) or at least knows what they are. So how did they start?


So a lot of weird chappies play about with sticks and computers in the 40s and 50s but in the 60s it gets REAL. In 1962, a bloke called Steve invents Spacewar!, the first computer based video game ever. In the next year or so, the people are like "yay, a new to entertain myself!" and then say "ah. Well those computers cost a lot. So yeah. Well. That sucks." and realise that they can't afford the computers to play it so they leave it to the richer folk. Then, in 1964, John whatshisface invents BASIC, a programming language to make video games "easily" so that anyone can make games. So then people say "oooh, interesting" and soon games are being created at an amazing rate. Then another guy thinks "how's about I play me games on TV?" and writes it down. these ideas become the start of telly gaming. In 1967, the first console is made that lets people play pong. yay! 


So then, at some point (I'm losing track here) Atari is born and makes an arcade machine that plays pong. In 1977, Atari starts to think "oh, we're making money now" and releases the Atari 2600, which starts a new era of gaming: playing at home. Next, Atari catches on to Space Invaders, and goes on an arcade machine spree in which they madly manufacture thousands of machines of hope to drown their workers in quarters. They soon after find Pac Man and do the same. They go on to release classics like Donkey Kong, Tron (a game of the movie), tetris the like. After some fun with the 2600 and a heap of arcade machines, Nintendo strolls in and releases the Gameboy, which starts to get really popular in 1989. In the years following, they release many games, some good, some bad but the awesomecoolthing happens in 1995 when the PS1 is released. people go CARAZAY and heaps of games are released for it. In 2000, the PS2 is released and that is the final straw for Microsoft, who, like that kid in the class that wants attention, have seen too many awesome consoles that sell release the Xbox in 2001. The Xbox releases never-seen-before games like Halo, and, uh, Halo and that's about it. In 2003, Steam is released and popularises PC gaming. In 2004, Nintendo has a desperate attempt to save its company by releasing the Nintendo DS, which everyone seems to like. Then, in 2005 Xbox releases the Xbox 360 (*cough cough*) which at the time had good graphics and was fun. From there we go to the world of mobile gaming with titles like Angry Birds or Minecraft or Farmville. Now we have PS4s, Xbox 1 x's and Razer PCs to play with, so we've come a long way.


Well, that is the BRIEF (yeah, that's the short history) overlook of the video game industry. As you readers are probably bored, I'll end this blog post now. Next time: The games and consoles that are popular today and how the industry could look like in the future. Until then, see ya!

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