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Fidget Spinners: A Parents Guide...

8 Jun 2017

Hey parents, remember, like, three weeks ago, you child was obsessed with Pokémon Go? Ha, ha, that is sooooooooo not cool anymore. Prepare yourself for the ingenious world of fidget spinners!


For those confused parents who wonder what these things actually are, fear not! I will give you the basic details on the fidget spinner. 


The look

Now, these spinners are most commonly in a sort of "propeller" shape, with three, um, blades let's say. The blades will either have metal weights or bearings, and in the middle hole there is a fast spinning bearing. Two finger pads just plug in to the holes and behold, the basic fidget spinner!

The History

Fidget spinners actually came about in the early 1990's for things like stress relief, or people with ADHD or Autism who needed to fidget with something. Why it got so popular is because in late 2016, some guy posted an article about the spinner, calling it "The must have office toy of the year." after that, people on youtube and social media started making videos about them, showcasing tricks and collecting fidget spinners. In a few months, the spinner enterprise even topped bottle flipping (any parents heard of that one?). Now there's a fidget spinner app, you can buy one just about anywhere (for a hideous price) and almost every person in my school has one. 


What Do Schools Think?

It's like every craze nowadays, schools don't exactly love them. Fidget spinners have been banned in just about every school, and schools that haven't banned them will probably do so soon. Every time it's the same: we all have fun and then one person just ruins it. That's all it takes. One person. Although, knowing my school, some of those students will probably find some way to convince teachers to keep fidget spinners.


What Next?

You never know. One day it's pokemon-catching apps, the next it's flipping bottles or spinning, well, um things? All I can say is: You probably won't expect what's coming until you hear about it.


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