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Now... What To Eat?

2 Jun 2017

So it's all well and good when you make a documentary saying "Oh yeah, eat plants and stuff like that", but when you're a kid, what's going to go in the school lunches? I mean, for all I know, I could be living off a diet of watercress and cream cheese sandwiches until I leave home. Also In these docos they are all like "yeah, vegetarian stuff is cheap as chips" but if you live in a country (like New Zealand) where even the CHIPS are expensive, what are you going to do then? Right now, my options for things to eat are down in the sad level of pita pit wraps and maybe the odd full vegetable subway.



Here's a thought: You know that "organic grass fed beef" crap all over the place at the moment? Well, it turns out that it's actually worse for the environment than grain fed beef. In fact, each pound of grass fed beef produces 500% MORE GREENHOUSE GASES THAN GRAIN FED! GREAT SCOTT! I'll leave you on this thought: what will happen when, instead of beef and cattle for good old Maccas, we will be chopping down the Amazon rainforest to make space for vegan burger or Quorn mince farms.



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