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By day, I'm your ordinary-Joe sorta kid, but by night, I am a freelance reporter, five-star reviewer, short story writer and conspiracy theorist, all rolled into one.


I am Bunk Bed Blog Boy, and I am here because it was my destiny to blog about everything, from things that interest me, to things that irritate me, to things that give me the willies. I live somewhere in the vicinity of Aotearoa and love reading, writing and science stuff.

This blog is for everyone. I'll bet you my kidneys* that there is a category that you'll like, whether it be the subject of Tardigrades taking over the world, or a trendy movie review, there's something for you. (Ha, that last bit rhymed. ) 

*(Bunk Bed Blog Boy did not mean that sentence literally and henceforth he will not be giving away his kidneys. )


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